Safety First

Delta Profloor Misr Safety Statement

PROFLOOR™ SYSTEM is Green. PROFLOOR™ concrete floor polishing system is an environmentally friendly process at all levels, utilizing the existing natural concrete.

Health Benefits of PROFLOOR™

PROFLOOR™ is hardened with Hybrid Silicates, all natural, no VOC elements and no odors from liquid solidification. PROFLOOR™ is dust free and has a high degree of natural PH. PROFLOOR™ complies with Chapter 6: 6-201.11 of the FDA Food Code.

Energy Efficiency of PROFLOOR™

PROFLOOR™ increases the reflectivity of the light by 30%. This makes it possible to take advantage of more daylight and to save the electric energy.

Maintenance Benefits of PROFLOOR™

PROFLOOR™ is tightly compacted, reducing stains, and does not require any waxing. PROFLOOR™ just needs to be mopped with water and soap of neutral PH green cleaners.

Environmental Benefits of PROFLOOR™

PROFLOOR™ is a natural product environmentally friendly at all stages. No fumes, dust or solvents and no harmful residues to the environment.

Awarded Certificate